what we do

Fight Anorexia is an organization dedicated to bringing awareness to one's body image issues and presenting them with tools to love and accept themselves. We offer solutions and treatment options for those experiencing eating disorder, disordered eating and body dysmorphia, as well as for their friends and family. 


self enrichment programs

Our Self Enrichment Programs provide alternative pathways to recovery.  During our personal recovery, we realized that the best weapon against an affected mind was a passionate being who is connected with themselves. Our programs connect the community to nearby resources geared to discover, accept and empower yourself.

Our current programs offered include Yoga and Mindfulness Classes, Art Therapy Workshops, Nutrition Seminars and Fitness Classes.

Check our calendar for upcoming events in the NYC metro area.


Presentations and workshops

Our team is well versed in support, activism and::  allowing us to design programs aimed to inspire. We are available for presentations, workshops and other demonstrations.


bloom box

Our Bloom Box is a bi-monthly subscription provided to those who have already begun taking the steps in making a positive and healthy change in their lifestyles. Health minded goods, mindfulness practices, self care tips and goodies are just some of the things you'll see. Our boxes help to not only inspire change, but to also provide the tools necessary to keep pushing yourself forward.

A donation of $30 dollars can provide an individual with a 6 month subscription.

Send us a message if you're interested in signing up for our FAN of Y O U Welcome Box.