Our team focuses on bringing awareness to your body image issues and supplying you with tools needed to love and accept yourself.

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Our team is striving to spread awareness and provide educational tools to help the public better understand eating disorders.

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Our subscription based Bloom Box aims to stimulate recovery and promote self-growth among our community. 

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“We are constantly growing into exactly who we are intended to be”

Amanda R. Albanese // Founder


Steps to Rebuilding Yourself


Listen to yourself. Find harmony with your environment.  Be curious. Challenge yourself. Never limit yourself; in food, relationships, self care -- you're worth more.


Explore new outlooks using active personal insight in your personal, social and spiritual interactions to grow yourself.


Experience life more fully by being more mindfully focused on realistic goals and incorporating healthy coping habits into your day to day. 


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FAN run self-enrichment workshops,
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Bloom Box subscriptions to those suffering,
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Help FAN to root out body dysmorphia
and promote eating disorder recovery
by providing the tools necessary to rebuild yourself.