Join the growing FAN base and help us help others overcome conflicts with their body and mind to lead more fulfilled and happy lives.  Awareness is spread through love, empowerment and body acceptance!


volunteer work

If you're interested in volunteering with us, send us a message
and we'll sign you up for one of our free self-enrichment sessions! 
You'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in our mission
while interacting with our FAN members and attendees.

If you don't see a workshop or event coming up,
we'd still LOVE for you to reach out!

We can't wait to meet Y O U!
& thank you for your interest.

*Note that volunteers must be able to meet in Manhattan or Staten Island, New York.

Brave bodies campaign

The ongoing #BraveBodies campaign was developed to
the resilient community affected by eating disorders.
FAN is looking for your writing, artwork, songs
or any form of creative expression
to share the stories of how
real individuals overcame the battle with their body.
We look to creating a community of
that will inspire others through sharing personal experiences which will
encourage them to love and accept themselves.

Fight Anorexia would LOVE your contribution to our
to create a social media campaign which
promotes positive body image and develops strong mindsets.

Psst ::
:: stay tuned for upcoming events!


Yoga & Meditation Event @ KULA Yoga Project in NYC

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Current Campaigns:
Body acceptance through
self empowerment + passionate living

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