Teaching emotional intelligence and resiliency to our youth. 



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Change starts young.


Psychological Toolkit:
A Guide to College and Beyond

This seminar (offered as both a ‘big teach’ and as small working groups) showed how the negative notions of self are not necessary and limit potential.  We focused on emotional intelligence and its significance in regards to success.  We worked to build a more resilient youth through education on emotional intelligence and positive coping mechanisms.  At the core of our program was mindfulness.  Through mindfulness practices/activities we will taught students how to recognize recurring thought patterns and work towards preventing judgmental perceptions of self.  Our intention was to guide students to becoming more resilient individuals with a strong sense of self-wroth, preparing them to thrive into college and the start of their careers.


Parent Engagement: 
A Guide to Positive Body Image


This program focuses on eating disorder education while simultaneously supporting parents (and/or guardians of the galaxy) in creating an open environment where their loved one will be encouraged to practice positive body image. 

This program addresses prevention, warning signs and treatment options, and ends in an open dialogue on habits to create focus on your health over body image.