Brave Body 10; Danielle's Words

IG Handle: @daniellaswolderella

My biggest advice for those who have or are still suffering
from some sort of body dysmorphia that has manifested itself in the form of an eating disorder
is to search for happiness deep within yourself first and foremost.


Accept yourself as you are right now.


There is certainly a recent trend of many who have had issues in the past
of re-focusing or replacing an obsession with being thin with a “fit” lifestyle.


For me personally, my journey in fitness is no longer about discipline and restriction
but rather about finding balance and offering myself grace
not being so hard on myself
offering myself forgiveness when I fall short of my own perfectionist standards.


Perhaps this may all sound very abstract and vague
or maybe it hits home for those of you who struggle with this kind of self-forgiveness.

We all need to center ourselves in a way where we find the source of that “voice”
The voice that tells us to be
thinner, prettier, smarter, more athletic, happier, funnier
. .the list goes on and on and on. .  
in order to be “more perfect”.
Attaining the perfect body or hitting your macros 100% for 800 days
won’t help any of us achieve true happiness or peace.


Love yourself now first and foremost and the rest will fall into place 😘


No one is perfect regardless of the image portrayed on outlets like social media.
We all struggle and we are sisters in that struggle.