Brave Body 4; Alexandra's Words


Alexandra Burt
IG Handle: @globetrotting_guppy
If you know me in person, you’ve probably heard me say one of my favorite quotes from Neil Pasricha’s Book of Awesome:

“We ain't spinning on this rock too long, so let's all remember to relax and just enjoy the extra scoop of ice cream.” 

In the past, I’ve wasted time and energy trying to “fit in” and it basically throttled me into a life of anorexia and depression. I look back on that stuff now and wish I could shake that Alexandra and tell her life is way too short to be spent in anxiety, guilt or stress. 

My mission now is to make up for that lost time. Life should be filled with smiling, creating kickass memories, learning, growing, and discovering your potential. Don’t waste this precious gift of life living under the umbrella of someone else’s opinions. Be loud, be nerdy, be weird, but most importantly, be yourself!