Brave Body 2; Tara's Story

IG Hangle: @teeleeyoga

"Proud Pigeon"

Since I was a young girl, for as far back as I can remember, I have always struggled with my weight.  I've had my ups and my downs, some worse than others,
and it was always just something that I dealt with, internally.
You'd never hear me talk about it, or ask someone if I looked fat in something,
because I almost didn't want to admit that I was unhappy with myself, or "overweight".

I was too ashamed.
So I took it all on in silence, and in solitude.

When I turned 26 something changed in me.
I don't know what it was exactly,
but I made the conscious decision to take action.
I quit smoking,
I started working out, eating right,
practicing positivity . . in my thoughts, my actions, and my words;
and especially to myself, and my body.  

And overtime, as I did all these things,
I started to love myself, for everything that I was,
the good and the bad, my ups and my downs,
and for all the effort that I was capable of.

I had developed a new found respect for myself,
physically, as a female body, as a human body, for the first time in my life.
It was empowering, and soul-lifting.
I felt lighter both physically and mentally.
Today, at 32, I am still on this journey.
Each and every day I fight for my body, and for my mind and my soul.
And I'm proud to say that at 32 I'm in better shape than I ever was at 18, 19, or  20...
and I love myself, and I encourage myself, every chance that I get.
It has become ingrained in who I am.  

Today I am blessed to be a yoga teacher and a physical therapy athletic trainer.  
Today I get to take all that love and encouragement that overflows in me,
and spread it to others; and for that, I am so grateful.
Yoga has been such a definitive influence in my journey.  
It's helped me to cultivate self love, it's taught me to be patient with myself,
It has shown me that I am powerful,
so powerful,
that I am truly capable of anything I put my heart and my mind to.  

So to all of you out there who've taken the time to read this,
and have stumbled upon me here,
as I sit in proud pigeon, be just that -- proud.  
Proud of exactly who you are,
in every shape and every form,
because you are magnificent.