Brave Body 7; Anna's Words

Anna P
IG Handle: @annapushcough

I found a strong sense of self love particularly when I began my interest in understanding the natural world. If you take the time to notice how the  physical world actually works; not in the stock market, consumerism, tv/magazines and logistical day to day kind of way, but in the way that actually enables us all to live happy healthy lives, it brings you back to what is really important in life.

The physical environment of our planet is quite actually what sustains us, so in appreciating that, I developed an appreciation for life and for myself. I was able to push myself out of my comfort zone into the unknown, up mountains, and I developed into a person I didn't think I would be. Appreciating that it is the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the relationships we have are essential to life, not luxuries.

So what really matters?

Not what I look like
Not comparing myself to others
Not holding myself to a standard that was not mine,
because I am doing a damn good job at being me nobody else can do that.

What I found to be more important is how I treat others,
and in order to be good at that I must be good to myself.

Nobody is able to do that for you, except you.

I find that it is not only the physical environment that affects my ability to do this,
but my mental environment as well.
Immersing myself in a physical and mentally healthy environment
enables me to be the best me,
and in turn help others.

I was also profoundly impacted by the loss of my friend Lauren
who was taken way too soon by anorexia.
I had such a difficult time understanding why such a beautiful woman was so ill . .
consumed by such toxic, negative thoughts.

My activism for eating disorders had grown exponentially,
and my tolerance for toxic thoughts are at an absolute zero.
I try to in my own life,
and to spread to others lives,
the positive light that no matter what,
you are doing an excellent fucking job at being you.
Internal happiness is number 1 and so are you!!