Brave Bodies Built By Strong Minds

February 2018 marks a monumental month for Fight Anorexia Network, FAN. This month we are launching a brand new Social Media Campaign that has been set forth to celebrate the resilient community being affected by eating disorders. The campaign is titled “Brave Bodies – Built By Strong Minds.”

We want to welcome you to this new chapter in FAN history, one where we invite individuals who have battled with eating disorders and acceptance of oneself to love their bodies and radiate positivity. We at FAN, invite you to be a #BraveBody.

The past few months the FAN fam has been working hard to curate this campaign and reaching out to members of the social media community to gather our first round of ‘Brave Bodies.’ FAN is looking for real people to share their stories of overcoming their battle with body and mind. The response thus far has been mind-blowing. These #BraveBodies will have their moment to shine through our Social Media profiles where you can read each of their stories! We will also have each #BraveBody submission available to read right here on our FAN blog!

This campaign will be ongoing and we will continuously be accepting submissions! For any inquires on becoming a part of the #BraveBodies community please don’t hesitate to reach out From the FAN fam, we want to thank each #BraveBody for making this campaign possible.